Do You Want Your Tribe To Be Happy And Close?

Do You Want Your Tribe To Be Happy And Close?


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TalknTribe is a Brand That Loves Being A Part of Growing Families is the place where “we”, Tim and Sherah Berthelsen, share ideas about family.  We have been working together to build and maintain a family that is strong and close for over 20 years. Our teenage daughter, Abby, is becoming an independent, creative person who is a pleasure to be around. We are very proud of her!

Most of the development of this site and the product that we offer has been the result of much time and effort by Tim. He is a problem solver, and cash flow is the problem that is taking priority at the moment.

Sherah has an eye for detail and simple elegance that consistently benefits our family. She has contributed so much to her community in spite of some bad luck with her physical body.

Building the TalknTribe brand is a brave and bold act for our tribe! Doing things that are outside of our comfort zone is an adventure. Stepping out from what we have done before feels a bit like riding a roller coaster—you know that stomach dropping, spine tingling feeling, don’t you? What do you feel when you take bold action? 

We hope that the ideas and the tools that we have provided here are already igniting a vision in your imagination. You are on the cusp of taking some bold actions in your life for your tribe today!

Would you please start by sharing a little part of your vision with your tribe and your friends by clicking the buttons below. 

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