Do You Want Your Tribe To Be Happy And Close?

Do You Want Your Tribe To Be Happy And Close?


Tips To Create and Maintain a Happy and Close Family, Tribe or Team

Humans Need…

That feeling of belonging which comes when one sees and is seen by another human. It comes with remembering shared experiences. It comes with companionship during the highs and lows of life. Belonging must be nurtured and maintained. It takes interpersonal hard work to do this. 

The reason we do the hard work is that belonging is a reward far greater than any discomfort the work may cause. Read on for some ideas and tools to make this work more rewarding and fun.

Be Transparent For Your Tribe

Open Up And Be Real

Willingness to open up to members of your tribe is a HUGE step! In the TedTalk by Brené Brown that follows, she talks about vulnerability and the impact it can have on our lives. It is not easy to "put yourself out there" because you risk ridicule, scorn, and abuse. But the benefits of "being real" with people far outweigh the risks. Once you are truly known by others you will feel so much more alive. As Brené puts it, "The ability to feel connected… is why we are here." She goes on to say that "The thing that keeps us out of connection is our fear that we are not worthy of connection. Having the courage to let go of who we think we should be in order to be who we are is absolutely what we have to do in order to have true connection with others."

Fun Tools for Tribes

Non-Magnetic Chore Charts for Refrigerators Mirrors and Doors. Set Includes 2 Habit Tracker Reward Charts and 6 Dry Erase Pens.

You probably have all of the household chores written down on an app in your phone. But whenever you go to look at them you are distracted by social media, emails, texts... You've tried getting your kids to look at the chores that you have assigned them in the fancy app but they get just as distracted and forget. Set aside the electronics and start using dry erase chore charts that you can stick up anywhere you want around the house! 

It will take a few weeks for everyone to get in the habit of looking at their chores chart. Start this process by writing jokes on their daily/weekly task planners to read every morning and evening. Or start a scavenger hunt by writing the first hint in the top space of each chart. Pretty soon your kids will eagerly and frequently be looking at their chore charts! Amazingly this method will even work for the adults in your tribe!      

When you read the words "chore chart for teenagers" I'm sure that you have a feeling of dread. But our experience is showing that by taking the time to set this system up together, your family will reap the reward of happiness, closeness and a well cared for home!        

Set aside 30 minutes each day for everyone to get a chore board and meet in a room in the house that needs to be cleaned. List each cleaning task on the to do list white board and play rock paper scissors or something to assign a task to each person. Then work together until each task on the chore list is checked off.      

Chore chart magnets are inconvenient because you can only hang them on magnetic refrigerators. That's why TalknTribe made these planners so they can stick like a magnet to any smooth surface, even if its not magnetic!       

Thank you so much for patiently reading all the way through this description! Get your family back on track. Put this behavior chart set into your cart and buy it, start using it as soon as it arrives!